Wednesday, February 22, 2012


since i'm just now enlightening myself to the world of the blog, i thought "what can i create now?!"  instead, i compiled a list of things that i could showcase that i've ALREADY DONE! :)  genius!

1. table runner turned headboard/decor:

before we last moved, i was deciding what color to decorate our room.  it was the last room we did not have a 'theme' for!  [we do live in an apartment, so we cannot paint...]  the table runner i found at Marshall's/TJ Maxx.  i love the ribbon-y flowers however i needed to split it in half to showcase both ends.  i simply cut it in half!

i purchased a small dowel rod from my local craft store [Hobby Lobby, i think!] and also split it in half.  next, i made a seam along the non-flower end wide enough to fit the dowel in.  then, i simply nailed them to the wall!  [i did not want to use string or anything; i used the rod to keep the top from bowing].

***side note:  just before making this, a friend gave me her sewing machine solely for scrapping.  i wanted to sew on pages, and did not think i would use it on clothing!  however, once i thought of this project, i knew i could make a seam...

as you can tell, this was CLEARLY my first time sewing!! haha!  i even texted my grandma [an avid quilter] a picture of it so she could have a great laugh!  she admitted it was not too terrible...

so there it is!  a grandma-approved first attempt at a seam! :)
now, get to the discount store and get yourself a table runner to alter!


2. scrap paper canvas art:

as an avid scrapper [well, i typically have more IDEAS of scrapping & crafting than actual scrapping!i cannot recall how i came across this idea, but after i decided our room accent color would be green, i sifted through my scraps.  this resulted:


the canvases i got at a yard sale for A QUARTER EACH!  i used modge podge for the first time [wish i would have seen this first: homemade mod podge!]  didn't turn out too bad, but i did learn not to put them together for storage until they are completely dry!! [notice the edges...whoops!]

not bad for beginner art, i guess!  have not hung them on the wall, but simply rest them on top of the horizontal mirror above the dresser.  maybe one day i will try some other modge podge ideas!

for fun, here is my favorite turned out the best, and i think the colors are the most vibrant.  [the other two scraps were already 3x3 squares of paper...the circles i cut myself with the Martha Stewart Crafts Simple Circle Cutter which was a gift from a friend].  

so now, get those scraps on your wall instead of in the drawers or on your craft table or in a shoe box or in a vertical file...haha you get the idea! 

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