Tuesday, February 21, 2012


UPDATED!!  [see bottom of post!]

well, here it is folks!!!

i've been inspired to make a blog, helping to showcase my creativity.  i have no idea how often i'll be able to update it, or who will even want to follow, but at least it will be fun! [thanks for the push, bonita rose k!]  i will attempt to add my projects & document stuff that i create.  [i know this is trite, but i've never done this before, ok!?] :)

the first project i am going to showcase is my attempt to build a scrapbook supply storage tower from 2 candlesticks & 3 vintage baking pans:  [inspired from pinterest, of course: Candlestick holder & tins ]

i picked up the supplies today on my lunch hour at my local goodwill store for $8.95.  i plan to prime/spray paint [all in one, of course...i mean, who has time to do it in more than one step?!] with krylon dual satin in ivory [from walmart].  i think i will attempt to attach the pieces together with screws i have in the junk drawer, but may end up using various forms of glue [but don't fret, i will avoid using duct tape, despite the awesome colors available now!]

i will post in-progress & finished product pics as i go!



p.s. does this mean i get to participate in blog hops now?! :) 


 and since you're currently my only follower, i MUST keep you intrigued & returning to my blog!! haha

i spray painted the pieces.  i sanded the wooden candlesticks, but not the metal pans.  & i think i really like the color!
[i'm thinking that i should have sanded the pans, but i didn't want to buy more sandpaper to start with a coarse grit to a fine grit...]  here's an up-close of the largest pan:
 & here you can see where paint may chip probably sooner rather than later!  oh well, you live and learn!  

i still have to paint the insides & maybe do another coat of paint...but first i have to do some homework...


  1. love this project, u found some great stuff! xo

  2. Ahhh Tracie I <3 it! Can't wait to see the "finished" pictures!!!

  3. please don't wait around pressing "F5" haha i don't know when that will be! :)

  4. and yes to the blog hops.. i'm glad u started a blog.. u'll soon find it's so much fun! xo

  5. f5 f5 f5 f5...... Wheres the finished product at????????? Lol- I kid, I kid.

    1. oh.em.gee. !! haha i actually just spray-painted the pieces!!! [even though i should be doing my homework!!!] i am waiting for dan to bring home the drill so i can make holes & attach them together...